Johannes Fritsche
On Heidegger’s Being and Time and National Socialism: Johannes Fritsche and Thomas Sheehan
Abstract : In two papers published in 2015 and 2016 in Philosophy Today, Thomas Sheehan attacked books on Heidegger by Emmanuel Faye (Heidegger: The Introduction of Nazism into Philosophy in Light of the Unpublished Seminars of 1933-1935 [2009; French original 2005]) and myself (Johannes Fritsche, Historical Destiny and National Socialism in Heidegger’s Being and Time [1999]). Peg Birmingham and Ian Alexander Moore, the editors of Philosophy Today, refused to publish a rejoinder of mine to Sheehan’s paper on me. In two papers that I had uploaded on my account with in 2016 and 2017, I show that, misinterpreting crucial notions, such as the ones in §65 of Being and Time, and relying on an interpretation of §74 in Being and Time that is as banal as it is philologically and hermeneutically arbitrary, naïve, and false, Sheehan’s critique of my book lacks any merit. The current document contains these two papers, and a short comment that I had uploaded in 2018. In addition, it contains an introduction summarizing the whole issue and referring also to five papers published in 2019 by William Blattner and four other authors. Furthermore, for reasons outlined in the introduction, I am working on a short book in which I discuss the issue at stake both more in detail and within a broader context. I include here a preliminary list of content of this book and drafts of a few of its sections.
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JOHANNES FRITSCHE (2019) «On Heidegger’s Being and Time and National Socialism: Johannes Fritsche and Thomas Sheehan», [En ligne], Volume XXIV - n°3 (2019) Coordonné par François Laurent,