Katarzyna Wolowska (Université de Lublin)
La virtualisation contextuelle de traits sémantiques — non-actualisation, délétion ou suspension ?
Abstract : The article outlines issues related to virtualization, a semantic interpretation operation, and proposes to distinguish three types of related phenomena: complete lack of actualization of semantic traits, their contextual annulation and their suspension. These phenomena are analyzed from the perspective of a tangible configuration of semantic traits in a given context (sememe-use), with regard to sememes-types determined by discursive norms and/or systemic meanings of lexical units. Most analyses pertained to the phenomenon of seme suspension in context, characteristic particularly of discursive figures based on semantic opposition relationships. Suspension consists of the partial virtualization (neutralization) of semes, thanks to which semes are not annulled on any interpretation level, despite their incompatibility with the context. As a result of the operation discursive phenomena take place, implicating an internal semantic strain, and even contradictions, such as paradoxes or oxymora.
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KATARZYNA WOLOWSKA (2011) «La virtualisation contextuelle de traits sémantiques», [En ligne], Volume XVI - n°2 (2011). Coordonné par Céline Poudat,
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