Matthew Sharpe
Of Idols and Tribes, Forests and Trees — Consideration on Thomas Sheehan’s charges concerning Emmanuel Faye’s work on Heidegger and National Socialism
Abstract : Part 1 introduces Sheehan’s 2015 polemic against Faye’s 2005 book, Heidegger, l’introduction du nazisme dans la philosophie: Autour des séminaires inédits de 1933-1935. Part 2 introduces the problem with Sheehan’s call to dismiss the book out of court: he simply does not consider the central seven out of nine of Sheehan’s chapters, those on the National Socialist speeches, lectures, and subtitular seminars. Part 3 reveals four illustrative instances of what Sheehan’s criticism of Faye conceals, namely Faye’s disclosures concerning the most militant lectures and seminars published only after 1998. Part 4 more adequately reconstructs Faye’s itinerary, its strengths and limitations, and shows how several of Sheehan’s particular charges against him are overwrought. Then, Part 5 addresses Sheehan’s 2016 reply to Pégny, Rastier, Fritsche et al, noting that it too fails to address the core claims of Faye’s book. An Appendix on Heidegger’s letter concerning the Jewish NeoKantian Hönigswald follows, illustrating the complete imbrication of Heidegger’s philosophical thought with National Socialist prejudices.
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MATTHEW SHARPE (2019) «Of Idols and Tribes, Forests and Trees», [En ligne], Volume XXIV - n°2 (2019) Coordonné par Guillaume Carbou,